Hi, my name is Emma! Welcome to my yoga site...

Here you'll be able to find all the details of my regular classes, as well as how to book me in for private yoga practice.

So, a bit about me!

I'm 24 and currently based in my favourite city in the world - Manchester!

My friends and clients have described me as a joyful, enthusiastic and compassionate yoga instructor - go ahead, ask them! As well as being a yoga instructor and postgraduate university student, I am a travel enthusiast - and cannot wait to take my yoga exploring around the world! However, for now I am a freelance instructor trained and based in in the North-West.


I began my physical practice of yoga at 15, when I started going to classes and loved the amazing ways in which it improved my fitness! Now, in my twenties, yoga is much more to me than just my physical practice, and has become more of a way of life. Learning the history, values and core beliefs within yoga is one of my most important journeys so far, and becoming an instructor brought so much light to my life.


In my late teens, I experienced an illness that had a profound effect on my weight, strength and mentality, and during this time yoga was one of the only aspects of my life in which I felt my body could not 'fail' me. Once I had regained my strength and focus, I continuted my practice and found my love for all aspects of yoga, mind and body. Through all of this, I set myself an intention - to do my best to inspire others to feel happiness and contentment in their own minds and bodies. If I can do it, why can't you!

ENOUGH ABOUT ME...What can yoga do for you?

My classes encorporate mind and body, and I strive to connect the two as deeply as possible throughout practice. I have named my 'brand' V-Flow because my favourite style of yoga class is Vinyasa Flow, however, I also teach Hatha and personalised private classes. I hope to help you on your journey to discovering the wonderful benefits of yoga, and the best way for me to do this if for you to let me know your 'yoga goals', so go ahead and check out the home page for all the types of sessions that I can offer you - and if something needs tailoring to your specific needs, I am more than happy to do so to the best of my ability!








Take a look at the home page for details of my private sessions!​

Each type of session can be tailored to suit you personally, either as one-to-one class, or a small group practice.​

I also provide personalised written programmes that help you to continue your practice at home!​

Private sessions can help with increasing flexibility, yoga fitness, posture and joint problems, and creating a more mindful practice.​


Take a look at my timetable to find regular classes (currently Manchester based) to best suit you! 

If you have any questions at all or require any further details, feel free to contact me via the email on 'Contact' page, or my Facebook page!

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